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Advanced Hot air Circulation Sterilization Pharmaceutical Processing Machines 10°C--300°C

Advanced Hot air Circulation Sterilization Pharmaceutical Processing Machines 10°C--300°C

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Advanced Hot-air Circulation Sterilization Tunnel for Pharmaceutical


I. Technical Parameters
1. Range of temperature adjustment: room temperature: 10°C--300°C
2. Temperature fluctuation: ±1°C
3. Blast motor power: 40W
4. Heating furnace wire power: 1.6KW
5. Rated voltage: 220V
6. Dimension of working room: 450×450×450 (mm) can be customized

II. Basic Functions and Configuration

  1. The outer wall of equipment uses 304-2B1.5 stainless steel board and the inner wall uses 304-2B 1.5mm stainless steel board. It presents angle like R all around. Do polished both outer and inner wall and it complies with a standard of GMP.

  2. The heating element uses 304 stainless steel tubular heaters and distributes in the box. So the hot air convention makes the each point’s temperature uniformly under internal circulation fan’s effect. 

  3. It uses horizontal laminar flow wind in the box. (The top sends air and the side air comes back.) Send the internal hot air to the box through high temperature high efficiency filter’s side under the fan’s effect.

  4. Convection wall has adjustable air board and let the each point’s airflow uniformly inside the box.

  5. The top of oven has air inlet and air outlet and the air inlet has cooling fan. It sends the level of ten thousand airs to box through high efficiency filter and the materials will force cooling rapidly under the fan’s pressure. The air outlet has high efficiency filter and air door.

  6. The oven door uses interlock device. When a side door opened, the other side door can not be opened and the indicator light shows the opening condition. Doorknob uses crankshaft to compact and heat resisting silicone rubber will seal.

  7. The box body has two gauges and reflects high efficiency filter’s working condition intuitively.

  8. Choose high-precision temperature control device and have Programmable Logic Controller (PLC),HMI touch screen. It also has temperature of the printer and record device graph of heating, thermostats and cooling to easily backup and examine.

  9. Oven design temperature range:Room temperature -300℃, Working temperature≧260℃, Temperature control sensitivity±1℃, Temperature uniformity in the box±2.5℃. The oven has verify hole, so it can verify temperature uniformity on site.


III. DMH-A3 Double Door Hundred Level Purification Sterilizing Oven Configuration Table

No. Part name Specifications and Model Quantity Note
1 Shell Stainless steel 304 1.5mm Complete machine Matt surface
2 Liner Stainless steel 304 1.5mm Complete machine Matt surface Tight weld of angle R
3 Convection wall Stainless steel 304 1.5mm Complete machine  
4 Heating pipe Stainless steel 304 12 220V 1.25KW/Root
5 Insulation Silicate cotton 8m3 Produced in Wuxi
6 Heat resisting high efficiency filter 1200×750×150 1 Changzhou
7 Heat resisting high efficiency filter 150×150×150 2 Changzhou
8 Circulation fan 1.5KW 1 Nanjing high temperature air blower factory
9 Cooling fan 0.18KW 1 Nanjing high temperature air blower factory
10 Moisture fan 0.18KW 1 Nanjing high temperature air blower factory
11 Shelving Suitable for user requirements 1 Homemade
12 Door seal White heat resisting silicone rubber 20m Changzhou silicone rubber factory
13 Door-pressure hand   4 Homemade
14 Printer   1 Beijing
15 Touch screen   1 DELTA
16 Program controller   1 DELTA
17 Breaker DZ47-63-3P32A   Chint Electric
18 Differential gauge 500Pa   Dewey Instrument
19 Control apparatus   1 Chint Electric

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