• Tunnel Pharmaceutical Processing Machines Hot Air Circulating Heating And Sterilizing Oven
  • Tunnel Pharmaceutical Processing Machines Hot Air Circulating Heating And Sterilizing Oven
  • Tunnel Pharmaceutical Processing Machines Hot Air Circulating Heating And Sterilizing Oven
Tunnel Pharmaceutical Processing Machines Hot Air Circulating Heating And Sterilizing Oven

Tunnel Pharmaceutical Processing Machines Hot Air Circulating Heating And Sterilizing Oven

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: LTPM CHINA
Certification: CE Certificate
Model Number: H-GMS-B

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set
Price: Negotiation
Packaging Details: Wooden Case
Delivery Time: 45 days
Payment Terms: D/A, D/P, L/C, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 25 sets/month
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Detail Information

Material: 304 Stainless Steel Warranty: 1 Year
Power: 50kw Application: Hospital Steam Sterilizer
Voltage: 380V Volume: 60/100/125ml
High Light:

pharmaceutical process equipment


pharmaceutical equipment

Product Description


Tunnel Hot-air Circulating Heating and Sterilizing Oven for Bottles


Product Introduction

H-GMS-B series hot air circulating tunnel sterilization oven using electric heating as the heat energy, the energy generated by the electric heating elements, the use of hot air circulating fan oven heating section of Class 100 clean air inside the bottle of convective heat exchange cycle, the required sterilization of the bottle the heat transfer, and continuous supply of fresh air, while eliminating air or saturated humid chamber heat, so as to achieve drying of the items are sterilized bottles.
The machine consists of stainless steel mesh belt conveyor bottle items are in the process of belt conveyor; the bottles pass the one hundred laminar flow air heat and circulation, so as to achieve sterilization drying effect. Low temperature inside the bottle after warming up to cooling high heat sterilization, sterilized bottle to complete the whole process. Among them, the heat sterilization section of the air, when the high temperature hot air through the fan filter purified by high wind form a cycle, so purification of the bottle in the purification of one hundred hot air circulation under wind pressure of rapid and uniform drying and sterilization, it must block the entry of outside air, water content of the hot and humid air through the exhaust port from the plane. Among them, the heating section of the air in the oven is heating cycle. Oven built-in temperature measurement points, the required sub-set temperature and automatically adjust the control.




1.Adopt LCD and touch screen (PT) and programmable logic controller (PLC) control.
2.Heating machine, run and other process parameters set by the programmable logic controller precise control
3.Machine inverter air volume can be set to automatically balance. If the room door was wide open, pressure changes, into the fan, exhaust fan automatically adjust the frequency to pressure, if still can not maintain pressure balance, exhaust valve closed to prevent outside air intrusion.
4.With the parameter display, segmented display, automatic computer printing records and fault alarm and other functions
5.100 laminar flow system, 100 segment and protect the cooling section are heat sterilization section 100 laminar flow. To prevent outside air into the equipment, ensure the work room to keep 100 state sterilization.
6.Adopt sprocket body transmission network, eliminating the deviation is generally easy to network with defects. Belt material uses 316 stainless steel.
7.This series of models to YY0217.3-2005 pharmaceutical industry standards, the GMP standard indicators
8.Oven equipped with seven pressure tables, separately for each section of high efficiency filter, the room with the cooling section, with the high temperature section of the cooling section and one hundred high-temperature protection section of the air pressure detection section.
9.Equip with DOP Authentication port on the box, enabling customers to verify.
10.Uniform heat distribution within the oven, sterilization temperature to ensure the segment ± 5 ℃.
11.FH value control exact, if not reach the sterilization temperature and sterilization time, the oven automatically stop, the machine runs with traceability. A failure storage function, the resulting failure to run the machine has auto-save feature. And record the causes of failure, time and exclusions.
12.Temperature changes during the production process can be recorded and stored, to facilitate viewing and on file at any time. Print data in two ways: multi-point temperature recorder curve with print. Display time of temperature curve is 30 milliseconds and precise control.
13.With a pressure balance system, using electric contact pressure table control and display, the oven can accurately control the pressure balance of the cabinets.
14.Equip with seven electrical contacts pressure table, control the pressure and all the various sections of a single high efficiency filter is equipped with a pressure differential table. Accurate control each pressure, each high-pressure filter equipped with pressure table, accurate control efficient filter.
15.Tunnel oven a full set of high efficiency filters adopt embedded installation, the both side of filter used hinge clamp is very easy to replace and install, filters on both sides with leak detection, leak monitoring device. In the region maintain continuous to 100 laminar flow, the filter specifications using the international standard specifications of the filter.
16.Hot-air cycling fan and high efficiency filters can be temperature> 400 ℃
17.Insulation materials use silicate, heat insulation section thickness 150mm, shell temperature below 40 ℃.
18.Has “duty" fan function.
19.Tunnel oven belt equips with ultrasonic cleaning in line.
20.Touch screen has three password-protected.

Technical parameters


Bottle Size 60/100/125ml
Sterilization temperature 350℃
Sterilization time ≥5min
Network speed 50-250mm/min
Network width 500mm
Purification grade 100 purification
Cooling method air-cooled
Front laminar flow fan 2500m ³ / h, Wind pressure: 385-303Pa
Power 380V 50Hz
Dimension 3500*1800*2300mm
Weight 4000kg
Power 50kw
Ultrasonic power 4kw


Main function description


The box wall, the plenum wall, duct and associated parts contact with the clean air are used AISI316L stainless steel, wall joints with continuous welding, weld polished and polished. Corner using arc transition, there is no dead ends and folding at materials gap. Cabinet wall should be polished structure no blind spot, easy to clean and to prevent deposition of dust particles.
Network adopt high quality braided stainless steel wire (e.g. 316L), both sides of the spot flat smooth, the same length. Network with the use of the exit take the initiative to drum drag, coupled with tensioning devices and pressure care equipment , ensure the belt tension in the work area both inside and outside at the state level, to prevent the inverted bottle.
And other external and exposed outer surface adopts 304 stainless steel, the outer surface polished.
After filling insulation material insulating layer sealed by welding, to effectively prevent the leakage of insulating material, to prevent pollution of the bottle, inside air and surrounding environment. Insulation material is the chlorine ions in the glass fiber.


Electronic Part

Drip Coffee Powder Sachet Packaging Machine



Our Services


1. we have seven technicians who gets passport ready to travel all over world to offer service to you.

2. We have 24hours hot line for Technical Support.

3. We get 18hours internet line for technical support.

4. Video camera in workshop to help you adjust and solve machine problem in working situation.

5. We have Technical Support in below Foreign Cities:

California (commission worker), Manila and Davao (Distributor), Lima (Agent), Ho Chi Ming and Hanoi (Agent), Dhaka (Agent), Lahore (Distributor)



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