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Stainless Steel Mixing Agitator Emulsifying Homogenizer Silicone Sealant Mixer

Stainless Steel Mixing Agitator Emulsifying Homogenizer Silicone Sealant Mixer

Stainless Steel Mixing Agitator

Silicone Sealant Mixer Agitator

Emulsifying Homogenizer Agitator

Place of Origin:

Zhejiang, China

Brand Name:

LTPM China



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Product Details
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Product Description
The Motor Drives The Rotor To Move At a High Speed ​​Through The Transmission Shaft, And Generates Centrifugal Force To Shear The Material From The Narrow Gap Between The Rotor And The Stator At a High Speed, Forming a Strong Hydraulic Shear And Turbulent Flow, So That The Material Can Be Centrifuged And Squeezed At The Same Time. , Under The Coordination Of Comprehensive Forces Such As Grinding, Collision, Pulverization, Liquid Layer Friction, And Turbulent Flow Uniformity, It Can Be Fully Dispersed, Homogenized, Emulsified, Crushed, Refined, Mixed And Other Process Requirements.
The More Layers Of Rotating Stators In The Working Cavity, The Larger The Shear Plane, And The Smaller The Gap Between The Rotor And The Stator, The Better The Effect.
The High-Speed ​​Movement And Fast Shearing In The Narrow Gap Can Make The Immiscible Solid Phase, Liquid Phase, Gas Phase And Other Media Uniform, Fine, Dispersed And Emulsified In An Instant. After The Reciprocating Cycle, The Original Product Can Reach a Stable High-Quality Product
Online Emulsifier
Stainless Steel Mixing Agitator Emulsifying Homogenizer Silicone Sealant Mixer 0
Single-Stage Emulsification Pump And Multi-Pole Emulsification Pump Are High-Performance Equipment For Dry Continuous Production Or Recycling Of Fine Materials. In The Cavity Of Narrow Space, There Are 1-3 Sets Of Multi-Layer Stators And Rotors With Dual Engagement. The Rotor Is In The Motor. It Rotates At High Speed Under The Drive, And Generates Strong Axial Suction To Suck The
Material Into The Cavity. The Material Is Dispersed, Sheared And Emulsified In The Shortest Time, And The Particle Size Distribution Range Is Also Significantly Narrowed, So That Fine Long-Term Stable Products Can Be Obtained.
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Online Single Stage Emulsification Pump
Stainless Steel Mixing Agitator Emulsifying Homogenizer Silicone Sealant Mixer 2
Online Multistage Emulsion Pump


1. Large Processing Capacity, Suitable For Industrialized Re-Line Continuous Production.
2. Narrow Particle Size Distribution And High Uniformity
3. Time Saving, High Efficiency And Energy Saving
4. Low Noise And Stable Operation
5. Eliminate Quality Differences Between Batches Of Production
6. There Is No Dead Angle, 100% Of The Material Is Sheared By Dispersion
7 With Short-Distance, Low-Lift Conveying Function
8. Simple To Use And Easy To Maintain
9. Can Realize Automatic Control
Designing Process

The Root Of A Good Product Comes From Design

LTPM China Calculates The Main Parameters Of Agitator And Configuration Specifications Revolutions, Stirring Flow Rate, Velocity Gradient, Shear Force, Uniform Mixing Time, Gas-Liquid Mass Transfer Coefficient Kla And Other Main Parameters Through A Large Number Of Practical And Theoretical Data For 20 Years To Ensure Stirring. To Achieve The Best Effect Of The Process, The Configuration Is Not Wasted, And Won The Praise Of Users. On The Premise Of Achieving The Effect, It Can Save Costs, Improve Energy Efficiency And Reduce Energy Consumption. The Product Takes A Number Of Agitator Patents.
LTPM China Has A Variety Of Stirring Experimental Equipment. When The Experimental Conditions Of Some Media Cannot Be Achieved, It Can Provide Users With A Large Number Of Optimized Designs In Combination With CFD Fluid Mechanics Simulation Experiments.
Manufacturing and Applications
Stainless Steel Mixing Agitator Emulsifying Homogenizer Silicone Sealant Mixer 3
Product Quality Is a Combination Of Design-Based And Finishing-Based
After Detailed Calculation Of Strength, Bending Distance, And Critical Speed, The Shaft Is Rough-Machined, And Then Annealed And Tempered To Ensure That The Stress Deformation Of The Shaft Is Minimized After Machining. Do Processing After Solid Solution Quenching And Tempering. The Hollow Shaft Is First Dynamically Balanced And Then Finished. The Final Polishing Meets The Surface
Roughness Requirements. The Fully Sealed Design Between The Blade And The Shaft Of The Sanitary Agitator Is Easy To Clean, Has No Residue, And Has No Dead Angle. After The Blade Is Processed, The Dynamic Balance Reaches G6.3 Level. Together With The Shaft Mounting, a Large Dynamic Balancing Machine Is Used For The Second Time To Ensure High-Speed Operation Without Vibration.

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