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High Speed Pharmaceutical Bin Blender with FDA and cGMP Approved/Powder Mixer

High Speed Pharmaceutical Bin Blender with FDA and cGMP Approved/Powder Mixer

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powder mixer machine

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Product Details
Mixing Speed:
3~12 Rpm
Mixed Precision:
Power Supply:
380V 50HZ
Installation Power:
7.0 Kw
Product Description

High Speed Pharmaceutical Bin Blender with FDA and cGMP Approved/Powder Mixer



  • The HLT single-column lifting bin mixer is widely used for mixing different components of powders with powders, powders with granules and granules with granules in the production procedure in the pharmaceutical industry. The machine is provided with such functions as automatic lifting, mixing, lowering, etc. It can be equipped with various specifications of bin for mixing operation. It is suitable for mixing medicines of different varieties and different batches in large and medium-sized pharmaceutical enterprises according to process requirements. Multiple purposes can be realized in one machine.

Work principle

  • Push the mixing bin into the rotary arm and tighten it. Start the control system and lift the bin to the mixing height. The control system will carry out automatic mixing according to the set time, rotation speed and other data. After the mixing operation is finished, the mixing bin completes vertical positioning. At the time, select to lower the mixing bin and complete the mixing procedure, or raising the bin to dispensing position, the after finish lower it, and prints the process data. Loosen the locking nut of the rotary arm and push out the bin to the next procedure. As the symmetrical axis of the bin forms an included angle with the rotary arm rotation axis, different components of materials will make three-dimensional movement in the closed bin, producing strong turning and high shearing and achieving the best mixing effect


  • 1) The product is a mechanically and electrically integrated high- tech product. It adopts hydraulic lifting, hydraulic driving and PLC control, with simple control and convenient adjustment of process parameters.
  • 2) Good control system sensitivity, compact machine structure and stable and reliable running.
  • 3) A single machine can be equipped with hoppers of different specifications. The materials are discharged together with the bin from the rotary arm without going out of the bin after mixing and directly transferred to the next procedure, so that the use efficiency of the mixer is greatly increased and cross contamination of materials is avoided, and GMP requirements are fully met.
  • 4) The mixing barrel can serve both as the dispensing barrel for the previous procedure and as the feeding bin for the next procedure (tablet pressing, filling).
  • 5) The mixing evenness is above 99%, the volume loading coefficient is 0.80 and the barrel inside and outside are bright and clean without any dead corners.
  • 6) After the mixing of each batch of medicines, the hopper will be sent to a special cleaning room for cleaning to maintain a clean environment of the work room.


  • The machine is composed of machine base,gyrator,driving system,lifting and lowering system,braking system and control system.
  • When it works,push the mixing hopper into the gyrator.
  • Enter the automatic operation program,and input the set parameter group program code.
  • Press the "confirm" button on the touch screen to automaticallly lift the mixing hopper to the designated position and automatically clamp it.
  • After the PLC control system receives the clamping signal,the driving system works and carries out mixing according to the set time and rotation speed.
  • After the set parameters are reached,the gyrator will automatically stop vertically.At the same time,the braking system works and the mixing is finished.
  • Then enter the manual operation program,press the "lower" button,the mixing hopper in the gyrator will fall to the designated position and stop automatically,and process data will be printed.
  • Then the mixing hopper is pushed out and transferred to the next procedure.



Main Technical Data:

Model YHA-2B
Mixing speed 3~12 rpm
Overall Dimension 2100×3175×2520 mm
Working area 2600×3175×2800 mm
Installation Power 7.0 kw
loading coefficient 50~70%
Maximum material load 1000Kg
Lifting speed 580mm/min
Applicable barrel 150L-800L
Machine Weight 3000Kg
Mixed Precision ≥99%
Power Supply 380V 50HZ
Mixing time adjustable
Noise ≤70dB



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