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Pharmaceutical Fluid Bed Granulator Dryer For Medicine Processing

Pharmaceutical Fluid Bed Granulator Dryer For Medicine Processing

Pharmaceutical Fluid Bed Granulator Dryer

Medicine Processing Fluid Bed Granulator Dryer

PLC Fluid Bed Granulator Dryer

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LTPM China



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Product Details
Fluid Bed Drying Equipment
Medicine Processing, Pharmaceutical Factory
Main Machine: 800*800*3500mm
Applicable Industries:
Hotels, Farms, Home Use, Pharmaceutical Factory
Operation System:
PLC Control With Touch Screen Operation
2000kg(main Machine)
Product Description

Fluid Bed Dryer is a lucid solution for a fluid turbulence in granulated or wet powder produce by means of hot air flowing in an upward direction and drying the product to a desired temperature.
Wet granules are completely fluidized by a powerful steam or electrical hot air, there by achieving high heat transfer rate and uniform temperature across the product.
Unique design of perforated plate for uniform drying without any racking process
Fluidized bed drying technology is used in the entire powder processing industry.
Mostly in the pharmaceutical industry this innovative method has replaced the time-consuming tray drying long ago. The drying process with Fluidized bed dryer reduces the drying time. In addition, fluidized bed drying provides controlled and uniform drying conditions compared to the uneven drying in trays.
Properly used, fluidized bed drying provides an efficient solution for the gentle and even drying of your product.

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cGMP compliance Model.
2 Bar Construction.
Three Stage Filtration i.e. 10μ/3μ/0.3μ.
Precise temperature control i.e. ±1°c.
PLC controlled WIP.
Certified Explosion relief flap.
Flameproof construction.
Positive earthling device.
Premium class mirror finish.
Multi-pocket filter bag for perfect air suction with proper
Porosity and Permeability.
Intelligent process control and safety interlock by PLC & Colour Touch Screen MMI along with printing, 21CFR part 11 and SCADA compatibility.
Validation support including DQ /IQ/OQ documents.
Food grade finger bag available on customer request

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Model 200
Volume (L) 670
Amount to be treated (kg/per time) 100/300
Power of fan (kw) 30
Consume of steam 0.4MPa(kg/h) 282
Consume of compressed air (m3/min) 1.1
Noise,dB (A) (fan is installed separately) ≤75
Main machine height (m) 2.34×1.7×3.8



Work principle

Fluid Bed Dryer is designed to introduce the hot air stream at the base of the product container which is filled with the material. Induced draught is created by means of blower and fresh air is sucked in to the unit. The fresh air is heat by means of electrical heaters or steam or thermic fluid heaters. This hot air stream expands the bed of material at certain velocity & creating turbulence in the product. The phenomenon is known as fluidisation and offer conditions which are almost ideal for drying. Fluidisation produces full agitation of solid particles and since each particle gets surrounded by hot air, heat transfer is extremely high and uniform. The product is dried fast without appreciable loss of heat. Filter bags prevent particles escaping from the dryer.

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