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FDA Halal Hard Gelatin 0# Empty Capsules For Filling Herbs

FDA Halal Hard Gelatin 0# Empty Capsules For Filling Herbs

0# Empty Capsules

FDA Empty Capsules

Empty Hard Gelatin Capsules

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LTPM China



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Product Details
Available Size:
GMP, FDA, Halal
Production Line Quanity:
Production Capacity:
Production Line:
1 Auto Line With 17 Semi Auto Line
Variable (Biggest Manufacturer Of Transperent Capsule)
Product Description

Gel Capsules/Packaging Material/Halal Empty Hard

Gelatin Capsules For Filling Herbs



Size 00# 0# 1# 2# 3# 4#
Cap Length 11.8±0.3 10.8±0.3 9.8±0.3 9.0±0.3 8.1±0.3 7.2±0.3
Body Length 20.8±0.3 18.48±0.3 16.5±0.3 15.4±0.3 13.5±0.3 12.2±0.3
Well-knit length 23.5±0.5 21.2±0.5 19.0±0.5 17.6±0.5 15.5±0.5 14.15±0.5
Cap Diameter 8.25±0.05 7.4±0.05 6.65±0.05 6.15±0.05 5.6±0.05 5.10±0.05
Body diameter 7.90±0.05 7.10±0.05 6.4±0.05 5.9±0.05 5.4±0.05 4.9±0.05
Volume 0.95 0.68 0.50 0.37 0.30 0.21
Average weight 125±12 97±9 78±7 62±6 49±5 39±4
Domestic Package 80,000 100,000 150,000 200,000 240,000 280,000
Export Package 750,000 100,000 140,000 180,000 250,000 300,000



Product Description:

1. Material: 100% Pharma grade bone gelatin with ISO 9001, HACCP & GMP compliant, likeRousselot, Aminbo, etc. authentication
2.Size: #00, #0, #1, #2, #3, #4
3.Quality: Capsules' incision is smooth to prevent the powder leaking out. Be smooth, uniform color, smooth incision, no deformation and strange smell. The raw materials got Halal certified and inspected
4.Status: In general type is pre-closed. separated capsule can be provided.
5.Color: Met medical grade and offered customized color,clear and colored.
6.Printing : Linear, Circular printing
7.Shelf Life: 3 years generally
8.Safety Information:
---Do not fill capsules with any liquid suspension because they will dissolve prior to consumption
---Keep away from direct sunlight, hot water and high temperatures
9.Storage condition:
Temperature: between 15℃ to 25℃
Humidity: between 35% and 65%


Escription Of Gelatin Hard Empty Capsule:

1. Select A-Grade raw materials capsule gelatin.
2. Capsule incision is smooth to prevent the powder leaking out.
3. General type is pre-closed, separated capsule can be provided.
4. The cap and body by the combined two piece of hard quality and flexibility of the space capsule.
5. Be smooth, uniform color, smooth incision, no deformation and strange smell.
6. Color:Transparent or clear, translucent,opaque.
7. Different colors are available: as customers' request.
8. Size 000, 00, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
9. HALAL,ISO,FDA, GMP certificate.
10. Patent of empty capsule.
11. Printed or unprinted.
12. Term of validity:3-5 years


Description Of Vegetable HPMC Hard Empty Capsule:

Hydroxypropyl methl cellulose empty capsule as a new plant capsule,with greater dissolution,
high humidity tolerance,low steam through quantity etc,and with its unique sources,
mature technology and various technical advantage,for preparation industry provides
a larger development space.


A: Natural Products
HPMC Vegetable empty Capsules is HPMC base and is from natural vegetable fiber.
HPMC empty capsules are recognized by many countries as a valid vegetable
alternative for gelatin capsules. HPMC empty capsules are non-toxic vegetarian.


B: Stability
HPMC vegetable Capsule is suitable for products that are hydroscopic. The HPMC
empty capsules remain non-brittle and stable even the moisture is absorbed by the
contents to very low level. It is an excellent delivery vehicle for hydroscopic contents.


C: Run-ability and Suitability
HPMC vegetable capsules are as resilient and flexible as gelatin capsules, it run very
well on all makes of high speed automatic encapsulation machine (over 99.9%).


D: Consistence
The appearance and technical parameters of our HPMC empty capsule are very
consistent from batches to batches, and are similar to high quality gelatin capsules



FDA Halal Hard Gelatin 0# Empty Capsules For Filling Herbs 0

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