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Adhesive Sticker 134mm Automated Labeling Machines

Adhesive Sticker 134mm Automated Labeling Machines

automated labeler

134mm automatic labeler

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Product Details
220V/380V, 50/60Hz
20-130 Carton/min
Bottle Diameter:
Labeling Machine
Adhesive Labels Bottles Labeling Machine,Beverage Drinks,Food,etc
Product Description
Factory Adhesive Sticker Automatic Round
Jar Can Bottle Filling Machine Labeling Machine



Product Description
This automatic round bottle labeling machine fits for a wide range of products. One machine can basically achieve all the required of product labeling, especially for low-volume, variety and changeable specifications labeling which can largely improve the labeling production efficiency and reduce equipment investment costs; it widely used in cosmetics, food, toys, daily chemical, electronics, pharmaceutical, plastics, printing and other industries.Can select code printer or inkjet coder to labeling head to realize print product's date, system number, bar code and other information. It is also suitable for assembly line.


1. This model machine is suitable for round/flat/square/oval bottles, sticking 1 label, 2 labels, 2 sides, or wrap labeling whole circle.

Also suitable for square box, sticking 2 sides or coner labels.

And according to your demands to customize. Can add code printer/UV printer/Laser Printer.

Can connect filling line.

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Adhesive Sticker 134mm Automated Labeling Machines 1

Adhesive Sticker 134mm Automated Labeling Machines 2


2. Since 2009, >5000 pcs working in our customers' factory. There are 12 R&D Engineer engineer and always insist on reseaching variety labeling machine, for customer's variety products, in food, in beverage, in comestic, in chemical, in electronic, in textile...They are successful applicated in every industry.


3. Mechanism:Electrical cabinet,Conveying mechanism,Separate bottle device,Press bottle device,Roll label device,Brush label device,labeling engines,Operation system and control system.


4.Huanlian pay great attention to several aspects of the equipment:

1) Electrical configuration: for PLC, sensor, touch screen, Motor, German Sick, Siemens, optional other brands.

2)Mechanical structure:Elastic pressing mechanism, Automatic bottle dividing echanism, Double overlay mechanism

3)Material selection: Stainless steel and high-grade aluminum alloy, in line with GMP production specifications

4)Humanized operation & stability: It has flexible online adjustment function, adjustment mechanism scale display function, counting function, planned production number to stop function, technical parameter memory function, etc., which is flexible and convenient to use.


5.Follow with some other kinds labeling machine for u ref :

This is plane labeling machine, including paging automatic.

Adhesive Sticker 134mm Automated Labeling Machines 3

Adhesive Sticker 134mm Automated Labeling Machines 4

This is horizontal labeling machine, including bottle table automatic.

Adhesive Sticker 134mm Automated Labeling Machines 5


Technical Parameters:

Model MT-130D
The standard system Step Motor
Capacity 20-130 carton/min
Operating Direction Left or right
Label speed ≤35 m/min
Tags volume inner diameter 76 mm
Tags volume outer diameter 350 mm (max)
Label Specifications Glassine backing Paper , opaque label (The application of carton Can be customized according to customer’s demand)
Labeling accuracy ±1.0mm (subject to the roughness of the plane)
Weight 200KGS
Total motor power 800W
Power supply AC220V 50/60HZ Single phase
Size appearance (mm) 2200 (L) 1800 (W) 1500(H)


Automatic line for labelling round containers, with PLC touch screen. Can be customized depending on customer's bottles and labels.


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