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High Durability Vacuum Belt Dryer For Drying Hemp Oil , 2 Years Warranty

High Durability Vacuum Belt Dryer For Drying Hemp Oil , 2 Years Warranty

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LTPM China



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Vb-Top Series

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Product Details
Outline Dimension Diameter * L * H Mm:
Φ3000*18000*4600 10layer
Heating / Cooling Area M^3:
Evaporation Capacity Kg / H:
Power KW:
Vacuum Degree Pa:
 Heating / Cooling Temp ℃:
15-30 (adjustable)
Product Description


VB-Top-Series Vacuum Belt Dryer

VB-Top-Series Vacuum & low temperature belt drying machine is a type of dynamic automation drying equipment with feature of heating the liquid or solid with continuous feeding, continuous evaporation and continuous charge in vacuum environment.
Vacuum Belt Dryer is particularly suitable for drying large-scale, high-viscosity plant extract extracts. Due to the use of non-sticky Teflon coated conveyor belts, the material is easy to peel from the conveyor belt , The entire process is completely in pipeline running, So the finished product yield is extremely high (more than 98%). Compared with the same capacity of the spray drying equipment, energy consumption is only 1/4, VB-Top-Series which USES hot water to heat, is less energy-intensive than the same kind of equipment that is heated by steam, and is now the main equipment for drying the extract of traditional Chinese medicine.
1. With functions of automatic batching, automatic feed, the feed rate is adjustable, the final concentration ointment density can reach to 1.3 and solid-liquid mixtures.
2. With vacuum degree on-line automatic adjustment function, dynamic vacuum degree can be arbitrarily set in the range 1000 ~ 5000 pa.
3. Have function of Online automatically adjust the heating temperature, the heating temperature can be set in the range of 40 ~ 135 ℃.
4. With continuous feeding and continuous discharge, Online crushing and grinding function, crushing level count up to 100 mesh.
5. Conveyor belt automatic online correction function, speed adjustable, drying time is up to 72 hours continuously.
6. The whole drying process realizes the pipe-lining and completely isolated from the external environment, to avoid heat pollution.
7. The whole drying process realizes automation control, reduce the labor costs, all process parameters have reversible search.
8. Use hot water closed-circuit circulation heating technology, greatly reduce the energy consumption, is only 1/5compare with the spray drier.
9. Equipped with a full set of online automatic cleaning system, can cleaning and drying of equipment fast and test the cleaning effect.
Main Technical Data:


Outline dimension Diameter * L * H

Heating / cooling area m^3

Kg / h

Power KW

Vacuum degree

Heating / cooling temp ℃
VB-TOP-6Φ1000*6000*2600 2layer5/0.364-612


40-135 (adjustable)

VB-TOP-8Φ1000*7500*2600 2layer6.5/0.55-812
VB-TOP-12Φ1200*7500*2700 3layer11/1.87-1213
VB-TOP-15Φ1600*7500*2800 3layer14/1.89-1513
VB-TOP-25Φ1600*9000*2800 3layer25/1.818-2515
VB-TOP-30Φ1800*9000*2900 4layer29/228-3218
VB-TOP-50Φ1800*12000*2900 4layer46/2.435-5020
VB-TOP-60Φ1900*12000*3200 5layer57/350-6024
VB-TOP-80Φ2300*12000*3400 6ayer75/3.670-8028


15-30 (adjustable)

VB-TOP-100Φ2300*15000*3600 6layer94/3.690-10034
VB-TOP-130Φ2600*15000*3800 7layer118/5110-13040
VB-TOP-150Φ2800*16500*4200 8layer147/6.8140-15046
VB-TOP-180Φ3000*16500*4500 9layer178/7.6160-18050
VB-TOP-210Φ3000*18000*4600 10layer200/14190-21055

Different Drying Machine Comparison:

ItemVacuum Belt DryerFreeze DryerVacuum OvenSpray Dryer
Drying temperatureLow /MediumLowMedium/HighHigh
Drying time30-60minutes20-35hours10-20hoursshort
Production solubilityGoodGoodOrdinarycOrdinaryc
Product qualityGoodGoodOrdinarycOrdinaryc
Property reservationGoodGoodOrdinarycOrdinaryc
Operation costLowHighMediumHigh
Equipment investmentMediumHighLowLow
Application scopeWideOrdinaryWideLow
Continuous productionYesNoNoYes


High Durability Vacuum Belt Dryer For Drying Hemp Oil , 2 Years Warranty 0


High Durability Vacuum Belt Dryer For Drying Hemp Oil , 2 Years Warranty 1High Durability Vacuum Belt Dryer For Drying Hemp Oil , 2 Years Warranty 2

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