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Tablet pressing machine


Latest company news about Tablet pressing machine

Tablet pressing machine


Q1:Can the punch be made of titanium for all different kinds of Tablet Press Machine?

A:The punch material can be customized according to client requirement for tablet press machine, but the charges will be increased for sure.


Q2:Under what circumstances does the tablet pressing machine need to increase the cost?

A:Normally we divide tablet press machine into different series, ZP-Series, ZPT-Series, GZP-Series and non-standard FZP-Series.

ZP-Series is our standard tablet press machine which can do Max. 25mm diameter.

ZPT-Series is our improved type tablet press machine which comes with automatic lubrication system and all features the same to high speed tablet press machine, just with slower rotation speed than high speed tablet press machine.

GZP-Series is our high speed tablet press machine which can do Max. 110rpm/min with Max. 25mm diameter.

FZP-Series is our non-standard tablet press machine which can be customized according to client requirement, especially when you have bigger tablet size which exceed our 25mm diameter.


Q3:The difference between the European standard B punch and the European standard D punch in the tablet pressing machine.

A:European standard: IPT

D-type punch refers to the diameter of the punch rod: 25.35mm, the middle mold: 38.1mm,

B-type punch refers to the punch diameter: 19mm, the middle mold: 30.16mm,

BB type punch refers to the punch diameter: 19mm, the middle mold: 24mm,

Therefore, after confirming the die type, the tablet diameter is determined.

In other words, after confirming the maximum sheet diameter, the type of die can be confirmed.


Q4:How many sets of molds can be changed at most for a tablet press machine?

A:Change as much as you want within the size range.


Q5:What is the Customization mold requirements?

A:The pattern should not be too complicated, without sharp corners, because the more corners, the more difficult it is to process. Then the angular tool can't get in and can't process it.


Q6:How often does the corrosive material of tablet pressing machine change molds?

A:It is not easy to calculate. Usually, the mold must be disassembled and the turntable must be cleaned after each batch. If you are using corrosive material for tablet press,we will use different material for the punch and for the turret. So before you order tablet press machine, you’d better to tell us what material you are going to press.


Q7:Can the turntable of the tablet press machine be disassembled and cleaned?

A:It can be disassembled, and the turntable can be replaced by a high-speed machine as a whole.


Q8:What is the maximum thickness of ZP-420 series tablet press machine?

A:The standard is 6mm. Increasing the thickness will increase the extra cost. If it is more than 12mm, add 2,000USD. The extra cost of no more than 12mm will not increase much.


Q9:Can the tablet press machine press pellets? Diameter 2mm

A:Yes, the tablet press machine can do this function.


Q10:What is the maximum tablet size of the tablet press machine?

A:Determined according to the specific model. The standard European standard type D is 25 mm in diameter. If there are special requirements, we need to customize for you.


Q11:How to ensure the uniform size of each tablet?

A:Material fluidity, feeder form, material composition, pressure, ambient temperature and humidity, all above conditions are very critical for tablet press machine.


Q12:Can the thickness of the tablet be controlled within the range of the tablet pressing machine? For example, thickness 3-4MM

A:Yes, the better the fluidity of the material, the better the uniformity, depending on the material, it is usually about 0.1 mm.


Q13:What are the advantages of hydraulic tablet pressing machine in terms of performance and stability?

A:The hydraulic tablet press is relatively easy to adjust the pressure, but there is a risk of oil leakage. Now our GZP-Series and ZPT-Series can equip with automatic pressure adjustment system without hydraulic system.


Q14:What is the difference between ZPS-8 and ZP-series tablet pressing machine?

A:ZPS is a European standard D-type punch with pre-pressure, main pressure and pressure sensing system. Standard touch screen control.


Q15:What is a pre-compression system and what is the difference between a dual-compression single-out system?

A:Pre-compression is mainly used to remove powder and air to prevent uneven tablet weight. After the powder is pre-pressed, it reaches the main pressure. After the main pressure, the tablet reaches the target tablet weight and hardness. The size of the main pressure can be controlled through the touch screen. The main difference between pre-compression and double-pressure single-out is that there is only one feeding port for pre-compression, and two for double-pressure single-out.


Q16:What type of tablet pressing machine has a pre-pressing system?

A:GZP-Series High-speed Tablet press machines are equipped with pre-compression, sub-high-speed machine ZP-540, low-speed machine ZP-420 double pressure single output.


Q17:To compress double-layer tablets, the output is small and medium, which models can be selected? Can ordinary ZP series do it?

A:Ordinary ZP can do it, but at least two feeding hoppers are needed to make double layers, We also call it Bi-Layer Tablet Press Machine.


Q18:Can the color ratio of the tablet pressing machine be allocated as required?

A:Yes, it can be adjusted manually within the effective filling range of the equipment.



Q19:What is the actual tablet pressing speed of TDP1.5, 5, 6 tablet pressing machine, or you call it Single Punch Tablet Press Machine?

A:Single Punch Tablet press machine production capacity calculation, Type 1.5: 4500 tablets/hour. Type 5: 4000 pieces/hour. Type 6: 2500 tablets/hour.


Q20:Does the single-punch tablet press machine need regular maintenance? How to maintain?

A:Single punch tablet press machine Need lubrication and cleaning process after each production batch.


Q21:The tablet size is 5mm, can the single-punch tablet press machine press aluminum powder?

A:This depends on the size and output. For a single-punch tablet machine, only the high-pressure model TDP-6 can be recommended.


Q22:What should I do if there is a lot of powder coming out of the tablet pressing machine?

A:The material is made into particles with less powder to solve this problem. The equipment itself cannot solve this problem, or add a sieving machine at the back.


Q23:What machine is needed to polish the tablets?

A:Usually a SP-Series or GSP-Series Tablet De-dust machine is needed.


Q24:What is the dust collector of the tablet pressing machine?

A:The dust collector, also called the powder remover, is used to remove and collect the excess powder that falls outside when the powder is pressed. Single-color tablet press machine requires 1 dust collector, 2-color tablet press machine requires 2 dust collectors, and 3-color tablet press machine requires 3 dust collectors.


Q25:What are the difference between Central oil lubrication system and Automatic Circulation Lubrication system for tablet press machine?

A:Centralized lubrication system: This requires an oil pump, which needs to be manually pressed before each batch production.

Automatic circulation lubrication system: After this equipment is turned on, it will automatically circulate lubrication.

The automatic circulation lubricating system is a fully enclosed system, with less oil loss in the circulation, and the production will not leak oil.



Q26:Does the automatic circulation lubrication system have to be equipped with ZPT punch?

A:ZP mold punch cannot be used, and the punch height of the die is not enough. But this lubrication system Can be equipped with ZPT and IPT molds.


Q27:Can the internal structure (skeleton) of the tablet press machine be color-changed?

A:The color can be changed, and yellow is a warning color.


Q28:What does the sticky-punch in the tablet press machine means?

A:Because the material is too sticky, some powder will remain in the die during the tableting process, and the surface of the tablet will not be smooth. At this time, an additional powder blowing machine must be equipped for tablet better output.


Q29:How to prevent the material from sticking?

A:Normally the client requires to change the granulation formulation or use a powder blowing machine for better tablet output.


Q30:The specific purpose of the metal detector? Why is it needed? If we don’t need it will it have any effect?

A:It is mainly used to detect metal residues in materials, because some machines may produce rust during production, and iron filings are mixed in the materials, so a metal detector machine is required. GMP regulations require the detection of metal residues.


Q31:After the tablet is compressed, the hardness is not enough. What should I do if I press it lightly with my fingers?

A:First adjust the pre-pressure, main pressure and rotation speed, etc. of the tablet press machine, and then if it fails, you can only look for the particles, such as the particles are too dry, the moisture is too small, the adhesive viscosity is not enough, and so on.


Q32: What is The reason for the difference in the weight variation of the tablets after the compression?

A:This is generally because the fluidity of the particles is not very good, or it may be that the passage of the feeder is blocked, resulting in uneven feeding.


Q33:Under what circumstances will vacuum feeding be used in the tablet press machine? what is the price?

A:Usually large-volume tablet presses need to use a feeder. For models above ZP-31D, the price of a feeder is 3,000USD.


Q34:What is the vacuum feeder of the tablet pressing machine?

A:Vacuum feeder is an automatic feeding device installed on the tablet press machine. Single-color tableting requires 1 vacuum feeder, 2-color tableting requires 2 vacuum feeders, and 3-color tableting requires 3 Vacuum feeder.


Q35:What is The role of gravity feeding?

A:Relying on the self-fluidity of the material to fill the middle die cavity for tablet compression, the fluidity of the material is required to be good.


Q36:When to use closed forced feeding and when to use open type force feeder?

A:Usually, the closed type is used for high-speed tablet press machine, and the open type is used for low-speed tablet press machine.


Q37:What kind of materials need to be added forcibly?

A:The fluidity is poor, the diameter of the tablet is large, and the tablet press machine speed is fast.


Q38:What is the function and working principle of forced feeding in tablet pressing machine?

A:There is a rotating scraper in the forced feeder to help the material be filled into the middle die, which is suitable for materials with poor fluidity and can also make the material filling more uniform.


Q39:What is the difference between the requirements of the tablet press machine of the nutraceutical product factory and the pharmaceutical factory?

A:Pharmaceutical factories have higher requirements for weight, so high-speed tablet pressing machines are equipped with automatic sampling and automatic pressure detection systems.


Q40:What are the Effervescent tablet press machine requirements?

A:Depending on the viscosity of the material, magnesium stearate is generally added, the surface will be smoother, but the finished product will dissolve slowly in water.


Q41:Is there any other solution for effervescent tablets besides adding a powder blowing machine?

A:According to the characteristics of the material, control the temperature (17°C) and humidity (17%), produce for 2-3 hours, and clean up once.


Q42:How to solve the sticking problem of effervescent tablets?

A:Two solutions: blowing magnesium stearate on the mold, and the lower mold automatically rotates when the material is discharged to prevent sticking.


Q43:How does the tablet pressing machine technically increase the pressure?

A:The stroke of the moving pressure roller.


Q44:Which parts of the tablet pressing machine need to be replaced with 316L material?

A:Turntable, feed hopper, discharge port.


Q45:Does ordinary tablet pressing machine have inspection function?

A:No, only high-speed tablet presses have this function.


Q46:What is the maximum speed of the tablet pressing machine?

A:Depending on the specific material, the low speed is 25rpm, the sub-high speed is 35-45rpm, and the high speed is 80-120rpm.


Q47:ZP-5D tablet pressing machine, can you provide valication documents and in what language?

A:Available, English version.


Q48:There are requirements for tablet hardness, how to test it?

A:There are requirements for hardness, and pharmaceuticals factories have the most stringent requirements, and hardness testers are usually used for sampling and testing.


Q49:If the material is very sticky and magnesium stearate needs to be added, how much can be added at most?

A:National regulations do not exceed 1%.


Q50:Salt cubes: 50g, 25g, 15g, what are their sizes?

A:30*20mm(50g), 30*16mm(25g), 25mm diameter*8mm(15g).

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