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Separation and purification method (1)


Latest company news about Separation and purification method (1)

Separation and purification method (1)


1、separation (centrifugal machine)


Q1:In which step is the centrifugal machine mainly used?

A:The centrifugal machine is mainly used to separate the wax in the extraction liquid after extraction.


Q2:What is the difference between a centrifugal machine and an oil-water separator?

A:Centrifugal machine is to separate solid liquid or two liquids with different weights.

Oil-water separators are statically separated, through stratification caused by the incompatibility of oil and water and the difference in density.


Q3:Under what circumstances is a centrifugal machine used for separation?

A:Separation with a centrifugal machine depends on the specific requirements, and it is usually used for solid-liquid separation.


Q4:How many ways are there to remove wax from essential oils?

A:Freeze filtration, molecular distillation.


Q5:How much is the loss of crude oil when the centrifuge removes wax?

A:When using a centrifugal machine to remove wax, the loss of crude oil depends on the specific material. Usually liquid-liquid separation without cloth bags has high efficiency and low loss.


Q6:Is the separated material reused or used for other purposes?

A:Depending on the production process, the separated materials are usually recycled and used for other purposes, and some are also incinerated and buried.


Q7:Does the centrifugal machine have to be equipped or according to customer requirements?

A:According to customer requirements, centrifugal machines are basically required for purification and separation.





Q1:How does a chromatography column work?

A:Principle of chromatographic column: Some of the materials passing through the chromatographic column are easily sucked by the chromatographic column, and the materials that are not sucked by the chromatographic column will flow through, so as to achieve the purpose of purifying the fluid.





Q1:How to match the storage tank, extraction tank and concentration tank?

A:The storage tank is the same size as the extraction tank, and the concentration tank is half the size of the extraction tank.


Q2:What are the requirements for the conditions in the storage tank?

A:Depending on the specific material, if the material will solidify when the temperature is low, the storage tank needs to be heated and insulated. If the material will settle, the storage tank needs to be stirred.


Q3:Is there a requirement for storage time?

A:According to different materials, this is determined by different processes.

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