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New cup is a cool solution


Latest company news about New cup is a cool solution

By Pat Reynolds, VP Editor

Frappe Chill is the latest offering from Café Coffee Day, which was established in Bangalore, India, in 1996 and now has outlets throughout the world, including Austria, Czech Republic, Dubai, Malaysia, and Egypt.

The new drink is the company’s take on the original frothy Greek beverage with a unique flavour and an impeccable iced coffee blend. To maximise ambient shelf life and maintain the quality of the coffee, the thermoformed cup from RPC Bebo Plastik is manufactured in multilayer polypropylene with an EVOH layer that prevents oxygen ingress.

The cup is retortable and the product is hot-filled and then retorted for 30 minutes at 118°C.


The travel-friendly design offers convenience and ease of use for the consumer, including an integrated telescopic straw in the lid that can be expanded and contracted as required. The eye-catching label features elegant brown and tan hues, accompanied by a dash of blue, a combination that conveys both a rich coffee tradition and a feeling of youthfulness. At the same time, a sprinkling of snowflakes on the cup reinforces the image of an icy-cool, refreshing cup of coffee.

“Our new cup is ideal for busy consumers and commuters, and its multilayer construction ensures the quality of the coffee is not compromised throughout its long shelf life,” comments Senthil Murugan of Café Coffee Day. “We are delighted with RPC’s contribution to this important project.”

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