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Liquid filling machine


Latest company news about Liquid filling machine

Q1:Under what circumstances should the machine be equipped with an explosion-proof device?

A:The alcohol content of the material is ≥5%, and the machine should be equipped with an explosion-proof device.


Q2:The role of explosion-proof motors.

A:The explosion-proof motor has the function of explosion-proof and high sealing performance.


Q3:Can semi-automatic liquid filling machines be equipped with explosion-proof devices?

A:No, because it doesn't have a motor, just a solenoid valve.


Q4:Can the aluminum foil filling and sealing machine make disposable cups?

A:It is necessary to know whether the aluminum foil used by the customer for sealing is in a roll or a sheet, which is directly related to the choice of the machine.


Q5:How to choose filling accuracy and pump?

A:Determined according to the actual material situation. Usually peristaltic pumps are not suitable for viscous materials. The ceramic pump is suitable for filling materials below 20ml. Stainless steel piston pumps are suitable for viscous materials.


Q6:Can the pump for filling hand sanitizer be used to fill shampoo, shampoo oil?

A:The pump for filling hand sanitizer can be used for filling shampoo and shampoo oil.


Q7:Does the peristaltic pump start filling from the bottom?

A:All pumps can be filled from the bottom.


Q8:Does the viscosity of the liquid have an effect on the filling pump?

A:Yes, the peristaltic pump has high precision and is suitable for materials with high fluidity.

Materials with high viscosity can use ceramic pumps and stainless steel pumps, which are not easy to clean, but are also suitable.


Q9:Does the shape of the cap and the way it is capped have an effect on the speed?

A:Yes, but it won't have much impact.


Q10:Can aluminum caps and plastic caps use the same capping head?

A:The same machine can be used, but the capping head needs to be replaced.


Q11:Can the cap elevator be used for caps of different sizes?

A:The cap elevator can be used for different sizes of caps without changing the mold.


Q12:The difference between linear rotating capping machine and linear screw capping machine.

A:The linear rotating capping machine is easier to use than the linear screw capping machine. The linear rotating capping machine has a higher capping pass rate and the linear screw capping machine is faster.


Q13:Is the press capping machine only suitable for aluminum caps?

A:Yes, the press capping machine is a machine for aluminum caps only.


Q14:What is the difference between rotating capping machine, screw capping machine and press capping machine?

A:The rotating capping machine is usually used for screw caps, the screw capping machine is used for screw caps without anti-theft ring, and the press capping machine is used for metal caps.

The screw capping machine simply twists the cap.

The press capping machine is to force the cap on the bottle mouth. The press capping machine is generally used on plastic bottles, such as mineral water, lubricating oil, and edible oil.

The screw capping machine is suitable for screw caps, no need to change the mold, but the torque adjustment range is limited. The capping machine can easily damage the surface of the cap.

The rotating capping machine is generally used for iron caps, generally used in sauces, canned fruits and other places.

The rotating capping machine needs to replace the mold, but the torque is easy to adjust, and it is not easy to damage the cover surface.


Q15:When filling vials, is it better to use one machine for stoppering and capping, or is it better to use two machines (one vial filling and stopper, and one vial capping machine)?

A:Comply with FDA standard: one vial filling and stopper machine, one vial capping machine.

Not FDA compliant: vial filling, stoppering and capping all-in-one, so all three functions are on the same machine.


Q16:When the empty vial sterilization channel is used for the FAT test, is a vial sample required?

A:The vial sterilization channel is used for testing, and the vial sample is not required.


Q17:The difference between linear filling machine and bottled washing filling capping producing line.

A:The linear filling machine is convenient to replace accessories, easy to disassemble, and more in line with GMP requirements, but it has greater requirements on the site.

The bottled washing filling capping producing line is more suitable for high-speed filling of beverages, and the cost of replacing the mold is higher.


Q18:What drives the organic glass cover of the bottle washer?

A:The organic glass cover of the bottle washer is pneumatically driven and controlled by a touch screen.


Q19:Why is the water temperature of the bottle washing machine below 60℃?

A:1. In case of overturning the bottle, etc., it can be handled by hand;

2. Under normal circumstances, if pure water is passed in, it does not have to reach 60 degrees, and room temperature is also fine.


Q20:Which bottle is water wash and which bottle is air wash?

A:The filling mineral water plastic bottle is washed with water, and there is water in it that can be directly filled.

Glass bottles are suitable for both air washing and water washing.

Plastic bottles for other purposes are best washed with air, because if the bottle is washed with water, it needs to be dried.


Q21:Are all filling needles removable for sterilization cleaning?

A:The filling needles of stainless steel, silica gel and PTFE can be disassembled for sterilization and cleaning.


Q22:The level requirements for aseptic dosing of the workshop.

A:The level of the workshop should reach C level or above.


Q23:What are the main steps of sterile preparation?

A:Water treatment, dosing, weighing, filling and packaging.


Q24:How to sterilize the roll film liquid filling machine?

A:The roll film liquid filling machine can be sterilized with a water bath, but not with steam. Use a rapid-cooling sterilizer or keep the pressure for cooling.


Q25:How do semi-automatic liquid filling machines and fully automatic liquid filling machines control the filling volume?

A:Usually the semi-automatic liquid filling machine is pneumatic, and the filling amount is controlled by the formation of the cylinder.

The automatic liquid filling machine controls the filling amount depending on what pump is used for filling. Different pumps have different adjustment and control methods, but the automatic liquid filling machine can be adjusted and controlled on the touch screen.


Q26:Which filling machine can fill oral liquid at a rate of 200-300 bottles per minute?

A:Rotary filling machine or reciprocating filling machine.


Q27:Common faults of filling machines.

A:The filling volume is inaccurate and the pump body is worn.


Q28:How to solve the overflow when filling?

A:When the liquid splashes out during the filling process, adjust the filling speed. When there is liquid leakage during the filling process, pneumatic blow-off, pneumatic partition, and leakage devices can be used.


Q29:Can square and round bottles be run on the same liquid filler machine?

A:Yes, square and round bottles can be run on the same liquid filler machine.


Q30:The role of the FFU laminar flow hood.

A:The 100-level FFU laminar flow hood is an air purification equipment that can provide a local high clean environment. The product is compact in structure, easy to use, and can be hung or supported on the ground.

The 100-level layer FFU laminar flow hood can be used alone, or can be used in multiple connections to form a strip-shaped clean area. The FFU laminar flow hood is a uniform flow layer, which is formed after passing the air through a high-efficiency filter at a certain wind speed, so that the clean air flows in a vertical unidirectional flow, thereby ensuring the cleanliness of the working area to meet the process requirements.


Q31:Is the motor of the filling machine connected to the conveyor belt with a chain or a V-belt?

A:The motor of the filling machine and the conveyor belt are connected with a belt: low noise, easy to wear

The motor of the filling machine and the conveyor belt are connected with a chain: there is noise.


Q32:The role of the S-curve track change device in the filling machine.

A:It is used at the butt joint of the conveyor belt to ensure smooth bottle feeding without accumulating and pouring bottles.


Q33:Weighing calibration method after filling.

A:Transparent bottles can be verified by liquid level detection, but the cost is high and the accuracy is average. It is usually done with a weighing machine.


Q34:Do I need to replace a more advanced touchscreen when adding an audit trail? Is it possible to add this function to all machines?

A:When adding the audit trail function, it is necessary to replace the touch screen and add programs. All machines can have an audit trail.


Q35:Machine material: Is 316 material better than 304 material?

A:No, there are differences between 316 materials at home and abroad. The ductility and toughness of 316 materials are not as good as 304 materials.

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