Labeling machine

February 25, 2022

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Labeling machine

Q1:How much information can be printed on the label?

A:Ribbon coders can print up to 5 lines of characters.


Q2:What are the main types of coding machines?

A:The coding machines mainly include ribbon coding machines, laser printer coding machines, ink jet coding machines, and thermal transfer machines.


Q3:The difference between ribbon coding machine and ink jet coding machine.

A:Ribbon coding is more suitable for coding on the surface of plastic film, the equipment is more economical, but the aesthetics are limited.


Q4:What is Print centering photocell?

A:Cursor matching, centered printing font and logo, 4 side seals, and 4 corners will have black cursor eyes.


Q5:How to detect if there is a label on the bottle?

A:Camera Vision Inspection.


Q6:What can be used to detect the non-fluorescent white label of the white bottle?

A:Camera Vision Inspection.


Q7:Types of electric eye recognition.

A:Electric eye recognition is usually divided into three types, ordinary paper induction, reflective induction, and transparent label induction.