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How to improve mixer efficiency?


Latest company news about How to improve mixer efficiency?

How to improve mixer efficiency?


At present, there are spiral belt mixer, cone mixer, V-type mixer and three-dimensional mixer which are popular in the market. No matter what kind of mixer, its structure and function are different. For mixer users, the quality, uniformity and efficiency of mixing materials are the main concerns, among which the efficiency has attracted much attention in recent years. Therefore, improving the efficiency of mixer is the key to win in the market. What factors can we improve the efficiency of the mixer? The author summarizes the following aspects.

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First, when selecting the mixer, attention should be paid to the selection of the type. The efficiency of the mixer is largely determined by the manufacturing accuracy of the equipment itself and the operating efficiency of the fuselage. When selecting the type of mixer, users should first have a certain understanding of the characteristics and special requirements of their own products, and what kind of mixing effect they want to achieve, so as to select and match the paddle structure, equipment characteristics and functions of the mixer to find the model that meets the requirements.


In this regard, the industry said that the mixing quality largely depends on the structure and manufacturing quality of the mixer. For example, the width and external angle of the inner and outer ring belts of the horizontal mixer are unreasonable, which will lead to the accumulation of materials to one end, affecting the mixing time and mixing uniformity; the unreasonable structure may cause the dead angle of materials; the welding quality of strut, ring belt and shaft is poor, and it is easy to hang materials.

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Second, understand the characteristics of material mixing composition. According to the characteristics of different mixed materials, different mixing is carried out. It mainly refers to the specific gravity, particle size, roughness of particle surface, moisture, dispersibility, agglomerating condition and the composition of agglomerates. The smaller the difference of these physical properties, the better the mixing effect, the more difficult it is to separate again after mixing, and the smaller the proportion of a certain component in the mixture, that is, the greater the dilution ratio, the more difficult it is to mix. In order to reduce the re separation after mixing, viscous liquid components, such as molasses, can be added near the completion to reduce its dispersion and thus reduce the separation effect.


In addition, special attention should be paid to the sealing performance of the mixer and its residual amount for the fine-grained materials. For example, when mixing powdery materials with double shaft paddle gravity free mixer, it is better to select 90° full length open door, injection self-cleaning system, inclined wedge type discharge door and shaft end gas seal structure at the same time, so as to better ensure the sealing and reduce the residue. In addition, it is recommended to use the upper cloth bag exhaust to replace the return air pipe, so as to avoid excessive fine flour from the return air duct during mixing.

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Third, carry out standardized equipment operation. When operating a mixer, it is necessary for the operator to have a certain understanding of the market situation of the product, production technology, equipment operation and matters needing attention as well as emergency treatment, especially for the training and practice of equipment operation and emergency measures. Good operation specification can improve the efficiency of mixer and improve the quality of products. For example, in the process of feeding, employees should first put the components with large proportion into the mixer, or after most of them enter the mixer, then place a small amount and a small amount of components on top of the mixer, that is, put them at the place where they are easy to disperse. Otherwise, the micro components will not be easily dispersed in one place and further mixing will be affected.


In addition to the above three points, the author believes that after the operation of the mixer, do a good job in the maintenance and maintenance work, to improve the service life of the mixer, and the mixing efficiency of the next material mixing have a certain role. In conclusion, to improve the mixing efficiency, efforts should be made from the aspects of model quality, material characteristics, operation specification, necessary maintenance and repair. Only by doing a good job in every step can we ensure the high quality and high rate of production.

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