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Coating machine


Latest company news about Coating machine

Coating machine


Q1:What is the role of the dehumidifier in the tablet film coating machine?

A:For Inlet air Cool down and dehumidify.


Q2:The Tablet Film coating machine is generally not in contact with alcohol?

A:Basically some film requires Alcohol as solvent for tablet coating.


Q3:The role of the syrup pump in tablet film coating machine.

A:One pump for two purposes, it is suitable for both film coating and sugar coating.


Q4:How long is the process of one batch on Tablet Film Coating?

A:The working time of the coating machine is also different according to the actual output and medicinal formula, basically 2-4 hours per batch.


Q5:Is a changeable drum coating machine necessarily better than a non-changeable drum coating machine? why?

A:Changing the barrel can realize coating with different feeding amounts. When the amount of material is small, the coating pan will become smaller and the coating effect will be better.


Q6:Can the BG-Series high-efficiency tablet film coating machine use powder for coating?

A:No. But the raw material of tablet film is in powder form, it should be prepared with solvent or water or other liquid material first to spray on to tablet surface and dry.


Q7:What is the difference between a high-efficiency coating machine and an ordinary tablet coating pan?

A:The disadvantage of ordinary coating pan has a long time, large dust, and poor coating effect (uneven).


Q8:Can the simple coating machine (BYC-Series) control the temperature?

A:Yes, it can control the inlet air temperature and the temperature of the coating pan.


Q9:Can the simple coating machine(BYC-Series) use hot air and cold air?



Q10:The main difference between a simple coating machine(BYC-Series) and a high-efficiency coating machine (BG-Series)

A:1. The high-efficiency coating machine is carried out in a closed system with negative pressure, and there will be no dust flying.

2. The high-efficiency coating machine is equipped with an air inlet fan and a suction fan. The suction will suck the coating powder onto the surface of the tablet, ensuring the coating effect and will not cause waste of materials.

3. The high-efficiency coating machine has a formula storage function to ensure that different batches can quickly read the formula without resetting.

4. The high-efficiency coating machine is equipped with an automatic air valve control system to automatically control the temperature and air volume.

5. The high-efficiency coating machine has a By pass function, which can realize the non-stop function of feeding and discharging, ensuring the consistency of production parameters of each batch, and does not need to reheat, which can be more energy-saving.


Q11:What is the approximate temperature in the coating pan?

A:40-60 degrees Celsius, this needs to be based on actual needs.


Q12:How often does the coating machine filter change?

A:According to the use of the machine, it is recommended to replace it once a year for the first and second stages. (Usually, the primary and secondary filters can be cleaned three to four times.) The high-efficiency filter has a longer lifespan and can be replaced if it is broken.


Q13:What are the properties of the coating powder?

A:The coating powder is usually composed of talc, HPMC, pigment and other materials, and the ingredients of the coating powder can also be proportioned according to specific needs.


Q14:How much coating powder do I need for a kilogram of tablets?

A:This mainly depends on how much weight you want to gain, how thick the film or sugar coating is.


Q15:How long is the coating time for a batch? What are the factors affected?

A:2-4 hours, this needs to be based on weight gain, temperature and humidity.


Q16:What is the difference between the non-perforated pan and the perforated pan of the coating machine?

A:The non-porous pot is more suitable for pellets.


Q17:What is the difference between a non-porous coating machine and a porous coating machine? Is there a difference in materials?

A:The non-porous coating machine is generally used to produce sugar-coated small particles or tablets below 3mm, and the porous coating machine mainly produces products above 3mm.


Q18:What is included in the air inlet filter?

A:The air inlet filter is divided into three levels: primary filter, secondary filter, and high efficiency filter (HEPA Filter).


Q19:The difference between film and sugar coating, weight gain.

A:Film, the general weight gain is 3%;

Sugar coating, weight gain 20-50%;

For sugar coating, change the spray gun to a dropper nozzle.


Q20:How long is the coating time for a batch of tablets?

A:2-4 hours.


Q21:What is the function of Auto Air Valve System in the coating machine?

A:When feeding the material for the first time, the fan can be heated while feeding, and the dust that may exist in the pipeline can be removed, saving time and cleaning.

After the production is completed, there is no need to stop the machine when discharging and re-feeding the second batch of materials, and there is no need to wait for all parameters and other parameters to be reset and re-arrival before feeding, which saves time and labor.


Q22:What is bypass?

A:When the coating of a batch of materials is completed, there is no need to restart the machine, adjust the temperature, set technical parameters, and then put the next batch of materials.


Q23:Curve printing: The temperature curve is displayed on the touch screen. Need to print and connect the machine with USB?

A:This should be called Curve display, temperature curve, yes, it can be printed or read by USB. If you want to print, you need to have a printer or a paper recorder.


Q24:What is a hot air sensor?

A:The temperature sensor controls the heating temperature of the air.


Q25:What is Infrared temperature?

A:The far-infrared tablet surface temperature measurement, it can prevent the material from changing due to the high temperature of the tablet, and the coating process can be designed more accurately.


Q26:What is the weighing system?

A:Automatic weighing system for coating solvent preparation purpose.


Q27:Function of Three auto valve.

A:Automatic control of air volume and By pass function.

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