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Clean room


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Clean room



Q1:The thickness of the wall of the return air wall.

A:The wall thickness of the return air wall is 100mm.


Q2:How many ways are there to return air?

A:Return air wall and return air column.


Q3:What are the advantages and disadvantages of hand-made panels and machine-made panels in the clean room?

A:1. Plate type: The mechanism purification plate has a single plate type, and the manual plate has 8 or 9 different plate types to meet the needs of different projects.

2. Core material: Various core materials can be filled in the manual purification board.

3. Appearance: The appearance of the manual purification board is finer than that of the mechanical purification board.

4. Strength: The strength of the machine-made purification board is relatively low, and the manual purification board has a higher strength. It is made by hand and has a keel inside, which is stronger than the ordinary machine-made board.

5. Fire protection: With the continuous improvement of fire protection requirements, it is difficult for mechanism panels to meet engineering needs, and the market is gradually degrading, replaced by manual panels that can reach the corresponding fire resistance limit.

6. Price: The price of the mechanism purification board is not very high because it is produced by machine, and the price of manual purification board is relatively high. Because it is made by hand, the process is more complicated than the machine-made board, and the processing speed is slow, so the cost is higher.


Q4:Why does each room in the clean room need a return air column?

A:The return air column plays the role of duct ventilation in the sealed space.


Q5:The level of clean room required for tablet presses and blister packaging machines.

A:Tablet pressing machine: D grade

Blister packing machine: D grade



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