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cartoning machine


Latest company news about cartoning machine

Q1:Is the cartoning machine equipped with emboss printing function?

A:Cartoning machine can be equipped with emboss printing function.


Q2:Does the cartoning machine have the functions of remote control speed and emergency stop switch?

A:Remote control refers to the control that the person is not next to the device, which needs to be connected to the network, and the cartoning machine can be equipped with the function of remote control speed, which requires additional costs.


Q3:How many blister boards can be loaded in one box of the automatic cartoning machine to ensure the original cartoning speed?

A:The blister board of the automatic cartoning machine is no more than 6 boards.


Q4:The cartoning machine can pack boxes of different specifications. Is there a need to change the mold? How much is the mold?

A:Generally, a machine has 1 set of molds. If there are multiple sets, the fee will be charged according to the actual situation.


Q5:The maximum box size of the cartoning machine.

A:Most of the current cartoning machines can be customized.


Q6:What kind of feeder does the tube cartoning machine need to be equipped with?

A:There is an extra charge for the cartoning machine with automatic tube unloader. Then you need to see which machine is connected to the feeder, vertical automatic cartoning machine or horizontal automatic cartoning machine, and the feeder is also different.

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