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Blister Packing Machine


Latest company news about Blister Packing Machine

The blister packing machine is suitable for packing of all kinds of liquid and solid in large & medium pharmaceutical factory, health medicine factory, hospital preparation lab, food industry, electronic industry, hardware industry, etc. It can protect the material from steam or dust, improve product packing degree, and increase the additional value. The machine is used to produce large quality and single product.


Q1:What is the packaging material specification of the flat type blister packing machine?

A:DPP-88 blister packing machine packaging film ≤120mm.

DPP-140 blister packing machine packaging film ≤170mm.

DPP-250 blister packing machine packaging film ≤280mm.


Q2:What is the thickness range of aluminum foil and PVC film for blister packing machine?

A:Between 250UM-350UM for PVC Film, 20-35microns for aluminum foil are all ok for working on blister packing machine.



Q3:What is the maximum forming area of the blister packing machine? What is the depth?

A:The depth of DPP-88 is within 12MM, DPP-140 is 20MM, and DPP-250 is 35MM. If the forming area beyond our standard size, we can customize the machine for you.


Q4:What is the weight of a roll of PVC film and aluminum foil film on the DPP-88 blister packing machine?

A:One roll of PVC is 20kgs, and one roll of aluminum foil is 15kgs.


Q5:For blister packing machine, how much space is reserved around the steel letters on the blister board?

A:At least 1.5 mm on each side and at least 2 mm on the top and bottom.


Q6:What is the deepest forming thickness of the blister packing machine?

A:35mm for standard model blister packing machine.



Q7:The blister packing machine is first made of aluminum and plastic, and then made of alu/alu in the later period. Can it be realized by adding devices?

A:It can be achieved by adding alu alu feeder, and also by changing alu alu mould.


Q8:What is the difference between the effect of using a chiller and a water pump in a blister packing machine?

A:The effect of using a chiller is better, and the small device DPP-88 can be used with a water pump for water circulation for cooling down the mould.


Q9:What is the difference between blister packing machine material PTP and cold formed aluminum?

A:Cold formed aluminum is used for forming alu alu, and PTP is the aluminum foil to seal with alu alu or alu pvc.


Q10:What is the reason for the loss of materials in the liquid blister packing machine?

A:1. The sealing is not tight.

2. The edge distance is too narrow.

3. The reason for the material itself (pinholes).


Q11:How does the material feed into the blister automatically on blister packing machine?

A:In the case of aluminum plastic, it is a disk brush feeder, and a special feeder for aluminum and aluminum.


Q12:Can blister packing machine molds be purchased separately?

A:Yes, it can be divided into upper mold/lower mold, heat-sealed upper mold/lower mold, and punching.


Q13:In addition to packing aluminum foil + PVC, the blister packing machine can also work with paper + PET?

A:PET (forming)+paper, but the paper must have a PE layer or a heat seal glue layer, so that it can be sealed by our blister packing machine.


Q14:Does DPP-120 aluminum plastic packing machine have Precut?

A:Precut means tearing line, it can be done, and it needs to increase by more than 1,000 yuan.


Q15:Blister packing machine: What are the sample requirements for alu alu feeders?


1. Make sure that the tablet is not an effervescent tablet, otherwise it will be too brittle, and it will break if it cannot be added with a feeder.

2. If there is a coating on the outside of the tablet, it must be coated.

3. If the tablets are not easy to send, you can send them in the shape of a tablet with flour.


Q16:What is the mechanical inspection of the blister packing machine?

A:Use the principle of mechanical tableting to automatically identify and eliminate the lack of drugs (capsules, tablets, etc.). Unable to check liquids materials.


Q17:What is the visual inspection of blister packing machine?

A:Using the principle of image recognition and detection (camera system), it can automatically identify the memory of the lack of medicine and eliminate 100% of the waste products, and can connect to the display to increase the video display monitoring function.

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