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Belt dryer scope of application and selection


Latest company news about Belt dryer scope of application and selection

Belt dryer scope of application and selection


Use of belt dryer is very wide, present in the pharmaceutical, food, biological, chemical and other fields already have it handy. However, in each area of its selection criteria is not the same, because the requirements and parameters of the dried material in various fields have a greater difference. For example: in the pharmaceutical industry (especially medicine), extract viscosity are generally large, and drying temperature requirements more stringent, the melting point of control to be precise (especially polysaccharide material), the control range to meet the different degree of vacuum heating and temperature requirements of section to have online auto tuning function, and so on. Also to try to improve the detection system to comply with pharmaceutical GMP standards.


The first step in selecting a vacuum belt dryer is the need for drying materials for sample test, which is very important. So for equipment suppliers whether it has a material testing equipment and experienced personnel sample is the most direct way to measure customer the manufacturer's capabilities. Qualified vacuum belt dryer manufacturer usually after the test material can in the shortest possible time to provide customers a comprising: actual evaporation material, dynamic drying vacuum, drying temperature distribution, mass size, actual drying time actual product specifications report production, energy consumption per unit of consumption ratio, enabling customers to choose according to requirements to meet production equipment models and specifications.


Select vacuum belt dryer of the second step is a comprehensive study level of the manufacturer's design and manufacturing capabilities. In general, manufacturers will be on the basis of material to provide a test report on the preliminary technical design and program design detailed statement of reasons in accordance with the customer's production targets and working conditions. Technical design is assessed manufacturers manufacturing capacity vacuum belt dryer extremely important part, especially manufacturers of key technology and equipment design as described: design design vacuum system, heating system, correction system design, cleaning and feeding system design, system design and other materials. Another aspect of the manufacturing capacity is to examine the manufacturer's user's actual usage. Customers can according to the manufacturer's user list, requirements to the site visit, if the manufacturer does not generally have sufficient strength to reject the reasonable demands of customers, and some even provide targets for customers to choose more than one visit. And limited manufacturing capacity or a lower level of technology companies generally difficult to do this.


The third step is to select a vacuum belt dryer is to investigate the actual processing capacity and production scale manufacturers. The vacuum belt dryer due to the large volume, auxiliary equipment and more high configuration requirements, the middle part of the complex, etc., to keep the equipment running for a long time to stabilize and easy.The price of this device is also more expensive, users are generally optimistic about its drying capacity and technical advantages of the use of huge amounts of money while purchasing, so are hoping to recover the cost as soon as possible to improve the economic efficiency of enterprises. Therefore, in the procurement of equipment be sure to choose the size, design and manufacture of practical experience and reliable service with the manufacturer to ensure that the system can be assured, of course, this provided by the manufacturer of vacuum belt dryer is generally slightly higher price point, but for users, the use of a sense of security, customers must not covet a moment because of low price and may affect the overall situation.

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