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Belt dryer common faults and maintenance during use


Latest company news about Belt dryer common faults and maintenance during use

Belt dryer common faults and maintenance during use


Although the belt dryer is relatively energy efficient dryer, but in practice there is a failure, and we have done is to identify the cause of the fault to be eliminated, so that belt dryer best energy efficiency for us service. So when customers buy a belt dryer, pay attention to the configuration of the dryer, the selection filter on the belt dryer to the dryer tooth channel and the aperture adapted, generally selected mesh filter diameter is dried machine into the channel or aperture to 0.2 times. ??? Belt dryer is in use common fault which how to resolve how to do maintenance to tell you about a few:


1, before starting to deal with triple gas source to check the water in the discharge and to ensure adequate oil level.


2. Make sure the dryer has a good grounding device, temperature meter on the device should be subject to verification.


3, parts inspection and maintenance, such as lubricating the bearing, adjust the pulley, check the electrical wiring, door rocker, pipe joints and so on and fixed.


4, raw fire fault may be drying machine equipment design, material or go suck not cause a fire inside the dryer and the like. In addition, there may be caused by human factors, such as to achieve the drying effect of the force is too small dryer heating caused by fire. In this case the transformation is best to replace the dryer equipment, check the dryer is installed correctly, leaks or increase the pressure and the like. The proper use of the dryer, the dryer cautiously increasing temperature, so as not to cause a fire.


5, appear raw disposable baking quit problem, which is mainly due to the dryer is too small or cause improper use of dryer and other reasons. In addition, wind network pressure, flow calculation is wrong also cause such a failure. You can replace or re-modify the drying equipment, or require manufacturers to recalculate pressure, flow and other changes to the program. If it is due to improper operation, the operator in strict accordance with the instructions for proper operation.


6, to ensure that no loose bolts fixed base, support spring elastic fit connection, computer control panels, wind turbines, heat exchangers, with good flexibility.


7, to keep equipment clean, wipe the equipment daily, to clean up the dust tank fluff to ensure ventilation. After regularly clean the inside of the lid opening device.

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