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bag packing machine


Latest company news about bag packing machine

bag packing machine



Q1:Film type for liquid packaging bags.



Q2:Can a fully automatic connection be used to transition from an emulsifying machine to a packaging machine? Do you add a dosing pump?

A:A fully automatic connection from the emulsifier to the packaging machine can be achieved, requiring the use of a transfer pump, usually a centrifugal pump or a rotary pump.


Q3:Light inspection machine: What are the advantages of having more colors of lights?

A:It means that the light inspection machine can detect different things, as well as detect bottles of different colors.


Q4:How much does it cost to add a heat seal to a zipper bag?

A:The standard bag packing machine comes with a heat seal at the end, no additional cost is required, but depending on the bag structure, the open bag structure may require additional cost. After filling the material, the zipper bag is sealed by heat sealing, and the zipper strip cannot be closed by machine.


Q5:The advantages of horizontal bagging packaging machine.

A:1. The size adjustment range of the horizontal bag feeding and packaging machine is wide, especially when making large bags, it can be customized. RotaTop-200 rotary bag packaging machine and RotaTop-300 rotary bag packaging machine, the maximum bag width is only 200mm and 300mm.

2. The horizontal bag packing machine runs horizontally, which is faster and can produce two bags at one time when the size is appropriate. Rotary bag packing machine speed is stable at 35 to 40pouches/min due to centrifugal force. In addition, when filling large doses of materials, the speed will be slower.

3. All transmission mechanisms and mechanical structures of the horizontal bag packing machine are behind the machine. It is easier to clean and more in line with the requirements of cleaner production. The mechanical transmission of the rotary bag packing machine is below the machine. When producing powder or liquid, in case of leakage, the machine is not easy to clean and easy to corrode.

4. The bag width of the rotary bag packing machine can be adjusted with one key. The horizontal bag packing machine needs manual adjustment.


Q6:The filling range and price of the rotary pump.

A:The rotary pump is the conveying carrier, which has nothing to do with the filling volume, and the conveying range can reach 5-1200m³/h.

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