Automatic Powder Filling Machine

October 20, 2021

Latest company news about Automatic Powder Filling Machine

Q1:What is the biggest difference between powder packaging machine and granule packaging machine?

A:The powder packaging machine uses screw feeding, which is suitable for powder with poor fluidity, such as milk powder. The granule packaging machine uses a measuring cup for feeding, which is suitable for materials with good fluidity, similar to sugar or coffee.


Q2:Does the machine need to stop working when filling the vacuum feeder?

No need to stop, it is automatic feeding.


Q3:Can the automatic powder loader be added later?

A:It can be added later, the automatic powder feeding needs to know the connection size of the hopper.


Q4Will the powder block the filling port when the powder is packaged by the vertical packaging machine?

A:When the material is too viscous, it is easy to absorb moisture, there is a risk of clogging if the equipment is stopped for a long time