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Automatic liquid feeding


Latest company news about Automatic liquid feeding

Automatic liquid feeding


Q1:Do I need a buffer tank before filling, and how is it linked to the machine?

A:The buffer tank has two functions, storing raw materials and stabilizing the filling pressure, which is very necessary for filling accuracy.


Q2:How to choose a centrifugal pump and a rotor pump?

A:Rotor pumps are usually used for viscous materials, or materials that are prone to foaming are also rotated. The centrifugal pump is suitable for materials with good fluidity and not easy to foam.


Q3:Viscosity, is the paste material loading the same as water?

A:For viscous materials, rotor pumps, gear pumps or flexible pumps are recommended, and centrifugal pumps can be used for water.


Q4:Comparison of advantages and disadvantages of piston pump and peristaltic pump.

A:The filling accuracy of the peristaltic pump is not as good as the Piston pump

Peristaltic pump accuracy: Filling accuracy: ≤±3%.

Piston pump accuracy: Filling accuracy: ≤±1.5%.

The advantages of the peristaltic pump: easy to clean, easy to adjust the volume (through the touch screen), the material does not touch the metal, it is especially suitable for batch production of a variety of materials, except for the tube, there are no vulnerable parts, and the structure is simple and easy to operate.

Piston pumps are O-ring seals that need to be replaced regularly, with mechanical transmission to maintain, and cleaning to be disassembled. It has good accuracy and belongs to quantitative filling.

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