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Stainless Steel Pharmaceutical Dryers Fluid Bed Drying Machine

Stainless Steel Pharmaceutical Dryers Fluid Bed Drying Machine

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Stainless Steel Pharmaceutical Dryers Fluid Bed Drying Machine



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Capacity of material bucket(L): 600

Temperature of inlet air (℃): indoor ~150℃ adjusting

Production capacity(kgbatch): 20-200

Steam Pressure(r/min): 0.4

Steam Consumption(kg/h): 210

Weight of main body(kg): 2470

Power Supply: 380V 50HZ Three Phase

Certificate: CE Certificate







1. Fluidized bed is round so that to avoid the dead corner.

2. Inside the bed has installed a mixer, so that to avoid damp materials agglomerating and the channeling     during drying.

3. The cloth-bag filter at the top is made of the special antistatic fibers to ensure the safety of the                   operation.

4. Overturning discharge of the machine is convenient, quick and complete.

5. Operated at sealed negative pressure and designed by GMP.

6. This equipment can be designed and manufactured to be feeding and discharging automatically as           requirements.






1. Drying for wet granules and powder materials of screw extruded granules, swaying granules, high-             speed mixing granulation in the fields such as Pharmacy, food, feed, chemical industry and so on.

2. Large granules, small block, viscous block granular materials.

3. The materials such as Konjak, polyacry lamide and so on , which will have the volume changed during       drying.






GFG-200 Main Technical Parameters
Model GFG-200
Capacity of material bucket(L) 600
Production capacity(kgbatch) 20-200
Temperature of inlet air (℃) indoor ~150℃ adjusting
Blower Fan Air volume(M3/h) 3620
Air pressure(pa) 7110
Power of Motor(kw) 18
Blending Motor Revolving Speed(r/min) 12
Power of Motor(kw) 1.5
Steam Pressure(r/min) 0.4
Consumption(kg/h) 210
Compressed air Pressure(r/min) 0.5
Consumption(kg/h) 210
Weight of main body(kg) 2470

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